Walk only with your dog(s):

1 - 3 x a week    20.00 Euro a day *

4 - 7 x a week    18.00 Euro a day *


Walk with your dog(s) and others in a group:

1 - 3 x a week    18.00 Euro a day *

4 - 7 x a week    16.00 Euro a day *


If you own more then 1 dog

please ask for special price !



If you book 10x going for a walk with me

you will get 1 walk for free in addition ! *


Pet - Sitting :

Taking care of your cats, rabbits, genua pigs ...

I will take a look at your animals at your house

if you are on vacation, at the hospital ...

(includes watering your flowers

and emptiing your mail box)

10.00 Euro a day *


Driving your pet to the vet

or running errands for you

15.00 Euro per hour *



 * in addition call out fee

(includes round trip)


5.00 Euro
Garmisch, Burgrain, Farchant, Oberau
10.00 Euro
Mittenwald, Krün, Wallgau, Klais, Ehrwald