I can't live without animals...


My first animal I got was a rabbit called Laura.

When I was 10 years old I got my first dog...


my red coloured English Cocker Spaniel lady

called Susi. She was my buddy almost 13 years !


During my time in the USA I took care of an

 English Springer Spaniel.


For several years there wasn't a chance for me to

get a new dog because I was at work almost the whole day and so I decided to get 2 cats instead.


Finally four years ago my husband and I got a dog -

again an English Cocker Spaniel.


In the meantime to our family belong

2 English Cocker Spaniel boys

and 4 cats (2 normal ones and 2 Holy Birmas).


Friends and other people always asked me

if I could take care of their animals as well

when they were on vacation, sick, ...


That is why I decided to do my

"dog walking service" now...